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{4G Version of Moto E is Being Founded In India..!

Barely a month passed Motorola launched their second generation 3G version, now again are arriving up with the next version backed up with 4G LTE feature.

This fresh art object of beauty is going to be available exclusively on Flipkart and has a cost tag of Rupees 7,999.00 Inclusive of VAT.

With an intention to accomplish all the medium class people the company is launching this unit with a toll gain of just Rupees One Thousand, when compared to 3G version.

moto e 4g

You can pursue this link here, where you can pre order the phone and can get it shipped by April 23rd, 2015.

Xiaomi’s recently launched Redmi 2, which is carried with almost the same specification available in Moto E 4G LTE version, leaving the users to purchase it for just Rupees 7,999.00 inclusive of VAT.

What’s New..!

New 4G LTE version comes with 4.5 inch display, whereas 3G version was available with 4.3 inch display. 4G LTE comes with a bigger battery with a capacity of 2390 mAh (20 percent extra compared to previous version).

moto e

4G LTE equips with improved snapdragon 400 processor while the old one had Snapdragon 200.

Concluding Note

Overall with a slight cost difference and major upgrades in terms of hardware the all new Moto E 4G LTE version is worth purchasing it.

Do you think it's worth buying..? Then do not forget to pre-order your device Click here

Your comments are really appreciated..!

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How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages, Photos and Videos..!

Did you ever confront this problem of accidentally deleting your Facebook posts or photos? Don’t worry, today you will get word on how you can retrieve deleted messages or images or videos from your Facebook.  

This is one of the coolest Facebook feature, which most of you guys are not aware of, so for the benefit of my dear readers, I am compiling this tutorial to let you guys know about this awesome illusion that is provided by Facebook.

retrieve facebook posts

In most of the cases you might have deleted a post or picture or video from your Facebook profile, and now you are wanting of the deleted thing. At the same time you take the truth that deleted once are deleted and cannot be retrieved.

But have you guys at any time heard as saying “Nothing is Lost, until MOM can’t find it”, likewise in this present situation even if you delete anything, there are possibilities to recover those.

Do you guys experience the fact that the posts or images which you delete from your profile are still present in Facebook’s archive..!

facebook archive

Step By Step Procedure To Retrieve Deleted Files

Stick with these simple steps described to download the deleted items from Facebook’s archive:

Pace 1: Click on this link to navigate to the Facebook settings page.

Pace 2: On the settings page, try to discover and locate “Download a Copy of your Facebook Data” and click on it.

Pace 3: Further, in that location is an option called download archive, upon clicking on it you be will prompted to enter your account password for double confirmation.

Pace 4: After entering the password, click on submit. Wait for a few minutes and check your registered email for an electronic mail from Facebook containing the download link.

Pace 5: Upon successful download, unzip the file and notice all of your posts, images, videos, friends list and much more info related to your Facebook account.

Pace 6: As the files are in HTML format you are commanded to open those on your favorite browser to open the file. 

Hope this tutorial of mine has helped someone or other who is still not cognizant of this deception.
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Apple Patches 'Find My iPhone' Activity

Lately we had discovered that most of the top celebrity photos were leaked from Apples iCloud accounts.  With reference to the same Apple has issued patches to one of their services “Find My iPhone” Activity.

Apple has patched this online service which may have been leveraged by hackers to make entree to the photographs.

apple patch

O'er the past 16 hours, the network has been crammed with full of private pictures belonging to a few of the topmost celebrities by a bunch of Unidentified hackers. Some of the well knows celebrities are Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Victoria Justice. In that respect are more names which can be included in the list.

By engaging brute-forcing techniques, the hackers had the luck to guess passwords which used to protect the accounts.  

As most of us know, in-order to sign in to an account one must be aware of the user ID or user account. But here as the user accounts were the email address, it was an easy guess for the hackers as most of the email address were and will be publicized at certain times.

Instantly with this patch Apple effort to shut away the login rights if found to be accessing by brute force method.

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Central Florida Beaches Receive A Harmful Rip Current Warning Notice..!

Beachgoers at Florida beaches receive a harmful Rip “Current warning Notice”

Over this weekend few dozen of people were rescued at Volusia and Brevard regions due to rough rip currents, which are still expected to continue.

“You can’t swim against the current. Try and swim parallel to shore, wave for help, float if you have to, but don’t try and swim into the rip current. You could become exhausted and that’s when a drowning occurs,” said Beach Safety and Ocean Rescue Capt. Tammy Marris.

rip current warning

Regions of beaches in Volusia County are locked for drivers during this full point as there are hazards of getting stuck in the soft sand.

And for other beaches, the automobiles are permitted entry with a velocity limit of not more than 10 miles per hour, and the same will be imposed with radar.

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Please Stay Inside Your Car..!

stay inside your car
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Mission Alexa Rank…! Mastering The Search Engines..!

Hello guys, today you will be exposed to one of the interesting topics. By these simple tips, you can build a brand and trust for your troupe.

Are you worried about your blogs (website) “Alexa Ranking”?

You can have the advantage of Alexa Rank with few of the simple methods, and with the help of this post you will find the answer for your queries “how you can better your blogs (website) Alexa Ranking”.

alexa ranking

Believe it, if you desire to receive any merchandise for review or any node; before approaching, they will certainly have a look at your website's reputation.

As per the recent sketch, there are approximately 644 million websites in the Internet medium, and we are also taking note that the numbers are being doubled year by year.

While looking on the web, I was surprised to see the number of users who are searching for the term “How to increase Alexa Rank”. This only reason motivated me to draw up this article, which would benefit my readers.

Q: What is Alexa? How Alexa Rank is measured?
A: themselves defines as one of the “Web Information Company” owned by Amazon INC. They rank every blog (website) on their traffic and close to other unknown factors.  The traffic is evaluated by only of those readers who have visited your blog (website) from Alexa toolbar powered browsers.

Below Are Some Of The Most Important Tips To Increase Alexa Rank

Alexa Toolbar

The first and easy tip is to install Alexa Toolbar on your browser, so that whenever you visit your website it counts as a traffic, which eventually helps you to increase your websites (blogs) “Alexa Ranking”

alexa toolbar

Search Engine Optimization

Close to other significant view to improve Alexa Rank is to push more visitors to your blog. And this is only possible if your website is placed in the beginning few pages on the search engine result page. And this method can be gratified simply by proper “Search Engine Optimization”.

search engine optimization

Placing Alexa Widget

alexa widget
You can create Alexa widget by using the Java Script codes on your blog (website). You can get the code from here. This widget only benefits if the reader has no Alexa Toolbar installed.
PS: Placing Alexa Widget is not recommended, with respective to your websites visual looks.
claim on alexa

Claim @ Alexa

Another important factors is to claim your blog (website) at Adhere to this link to claim your blog (website). There are likewise a few plugins available for Word Press users to claim their blog (website) with ease.

Proper Off-Page Optimization

Getting quality backlinks will help you to drive more traffic, more traffic means increase in Alexa Rank. As we all know Search Engines gives more weightage to those blogs (websites) having quality backlinks to their domain (Helps in promoting the organic traffic). 

off page optimization

PS: Avoid creating “nofollow” backlinks as they are avoided by search engines.

Quality Content Matters..!

Hither comes the Golden tip, “Create Quality and Useful Content”. Remember, before posting content make sure the theme you have covered is unique and possesses the ability to force the readers to your blog. Posting SEO and Webmasters related content helps a bunch, at most 99.99% of the readers for SEO and Webmasters will have the Alexa Toolbar installed.

Social Marketing

Prove to be active in Social sites, and promote your blog. If one of your links gets stumble, or dig and shared on various social networking sites, you get a maximum visitors to your website, which pays you a positive impact on Alexa Ranking.  


Review on your blog by giving them a tie. Brushing up and giving a link to will help you a lot in ranking.

review alexa


Attempt to create posts related to Blogging and Internet Marketing, as people who read posts related to those topics are those who experience the Alexa tool bar installed on their browsers.

Try to naturally comment on various blogs linked to your niche. Back-links from such blogs will demonstrate a major improvement in Alexa Ranking.

Directory Submission

Previously, publishers used to submit their blogs or websites on various Directories. I recommend that you do not do this. And yes, you can submit your link to fewer of them like Dmoz ( and yahoo (  


Increase in Alexa Ranking of your field is a result of traffic along your website. And these traffic matters a great deal. Though there is no direct relation between Alexa Ranking and SERP ranking, Alexa Ranking plays a major theatrical role in evaluating the website's popularity.

Lastly, as per the observation in most cases “higher the Alexa ranking, heavier is the strength of Google Page Rank”

Did we miss anything important here? Strike down your thoughts in the below comment section.
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Make Money Online: Heard Somewhere..?

Hello friends, welcome to my blog. First of all apologies for not updating the blog since many days. Now I have made myself some extra time to update my blog more often.

Today, I would like to explore the facts about blogging. In this competitive world, searching for the job itself has become a huge task.

Everybody in this world wants to earn handsome money by working at home or even most of them wants to be their own boss.

There are many home based jobs we come across the web or even in our local newspapers. Some of them listed below:
  • Earn 3K to 5K per month by just doing copy and pasting,
  • Earn 9K per month by just sending letters from home,
  • Earn 15k per month by just filling online forms,
  • Online Captcha Entry job, and
  • Last but not least make up to 30K per month by just working 4 hours/day over the Internet.
make money online

Not only the above, there are tons of such foolish employers who tend to fool most of us. We all know in this competitive world how tough earning money is!

At the same time, there are various successful ways to earn money by spending a few hours per day over the internet. Few of them listed below:
  • Virtual Assistant Jobs,
  • Affiliate Marketing Jobs,
  • Blogging (SEO),
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM),
  • Freelancing jobs,
  • Content Writing jobs,
  • Link building jobs,
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) and many more to say.
As mentioned a set of opportunities to build your professional career, which includes internships or gaining a valuable work experience. As there is a tremendous competition, it is extremely essential to set out potential establishments in your convenient time, one such way to build your career is to start blogging.

blogging tips

In my three years of blogging career, I have received hundreds of requests seeking advice on how to create a blog.

And now the time has come to discuss all the positive and negative aspects of making blogging a successful career.
blog contest

Managing a blog right from your home, sipping coco cola, wearing pajamas, having hundreds of readers hanging off your every word is fascinating.

This is one of the probable reasons why there are tons of blogs created. There are few countable bloggers who are actually doing things in life.

Every blogger has a mistaken belief that they can start making significant money by just starting a blog. Most of the people do the same and eventually fail to meet the goal.

In the year 2010, I considered blogging as my profession and started a few of the freely available blogs ( &

Later in the year 2011 I purchased my blog along with the hosting (assuming that I also can earn real money by starting a blog) and at that point of time I didn’t even know what DNS, Hosting, and MySQL are. Later with the help of the internet I learned a lot of things which turned me into a successful blogger.

make blogging as your profession

It does not mean that you should be an expert to develop blogging. For you, the Internet is the best teacher, and indirectly other bloggers like me help you to create a blog.
Q. How other bloggers indirectly help me to start a blog? A. There are tons of bloggers over the globe, and I am one of them. The current post you’re reading is not posted to make money nor to attract visitors, but it is a part of blogging. Likewise, even other bloggers might have posted articles about blogging, which indirectly helps you to create a successful blog.
start a blog

Points to be Noted Before Starting a Blog:
  • Earn Money: Never ever start a blog just to make money, you have to get rid of such thoughts. If you are planning to replace your full-time job with blogging, forget about it. Do you think Michel Jackson started singing just to get “money”? No, he didn't. Fairly, he did it for the love he had on music, which gave him a lot of fun and fulfillment. Later he began earning a real income.
  • Popularity: Do not intend or expect to become popular over the web. Not every blog gets its popularity in a short time. Try to post quality, classy content with real information, which indirectly connects readers in different ways.
  • Traffic: As said above initially “do not expect to become popular” at the same time do not expect enough traffic initially.
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